Voi©e - NORMA

Branch organisation of CBO’s

NORMA is a member of Voi©e, the branch organisation of collective management organisations for copyright or neighbouring rights. Voi©e is one of the initatiators of The Contentmap and made this film (in Dutch only) to show the convenience of the collective management.

The members of Voi©e are tested annually by an independent party wether they meet the quality mark criteria drawn up by Voi©e. After an independent certifier – the Quality Mark Institute – has issued a binding certification advice, the CBO Quality Mark is granted. NORMA has committed itself to a number of standards of transparency and quality, laid down in the CBO quality mark criteria. Every year, the Quality Mark Institute checks whether NORMA complies with this, after which the CBO Quality Mark can be awarded. NORMA has been awarded the CBO quality mark since 2011. For more information check here.

CBO = Collectieve Beheersorganisatie = Collective Management Organisation
Voi©e = “Vereniging van Organisaties die Intellectueel eigendom Collectief Exploiteren”