Streaming werkt niet voor artiesten (uitnodiging van AEPO-ARTIS)

door NORMA

Een uitnodiging van AEPO-ARTIS (vertegenwoordiger van Collectieve Beheersorganisaties waar NORMA ook lid van is) om deel te nemen aan een panel gehouden te Stockholm, waarbij je ook online kunt deelnemen. Ben je muzikant, dan kan dit interessant voor je zijn!



Together with our member SAMI (NORMA’s Swedish sister), we are holding a panel on streaming on Tuesday, 2nd May at 16:15 in Stockholm that will be also possible to follow online. If you would like to join, please use this form to apply to receive the link or streaming:…/1FAIpQLSemMp2jcjmCS…/viewform

The panelists are as follows:
Anneli Axelsson is a Swedish singer, musician and songwriter. For over 30 years, Anneli has been touring the world as a choral singer. She has recorded with several famous Swedish and international artists. Anneli is president of the west Sweden’s branch of the Musicians’ Association, and sits on the board of the IAO.
Tom Kestens is a Belgian musician, songwriter and composer. For many years, Tom has worked on improving the conditions for musicians. He played a key role in the Belgian “Status of the Artist” reform and assisted the Belgian government in its work to introduce a right to equitable remuneration for streaming.
Tom Gray is a British musician, songwriter and composer. In 2020, he founded the highly influential #BrokenRecord campaign to draw attention to the systemic problems within the streaming economy. He is Chair of the British Ivors Academy and has been involved in the British inquiry Economics of Streaming.
The panel will be moderated by Nick Yule from AEPO-ARTIS.