NORMA and Sena to share office in Hilversum


Closer collaboration means even better service for rightsholders.

On 28 March, NORMA and its team will move into Sena’s office in Hilversum. This move is the start of an increased collaboration between the two neighbouring rights organisations and will create an even better service for all our rightsholders. Find out what the change means for you in this news article.

NORMA and Sena are collective management organisations that represent the interests of rightsholders for neighbouring rights. NORMA collects and distributes payments to performers such as actors, voice actors, musicians, dancers and cabaret artists. Sena collects and distributes payments to musicians and producers. There are many similarities between the two organisations and their work often overlaps. By joining forces, NORMA and Sena will now be in an even stronger position to represent the interests of all their rightsholders.

That’s why NORMA and Sena are going to share the same office. This doesn’t mean that the organisations will merge; they will remain independent organisations. However, with the teams working in the same building, it will be easier to share knowledge and support each other in busy periods, such as during payment rounds.  As a rightsholder, you will receive help more quickly and efficiently.

What will change for you?
NORMA’s address, telephone number and email will change. For any appointments, the visiting address will be in Hilversum, not Amsterdam. Sena’s contact details will not change.

What stays the same?

  • As a musician, you still need to be affiliated with both organisations to claim compensation from both.
  • You continue to submit your work/claims for NORMA via and for Sena via
  • The number of payments and the method of distribution will remain the same. NORMA and Sena will still send separate specifications.

New address, telephone number & email addresses for NORMA (from 28 March onwards)
Catharina van Renneslaan 20
1217 CX Hilversum
General telephone no. +31 (0)35 625 17 70
General email address:
Service desk telephone no. +31 (0)35 625 17 90
Service desk email address:

Do you have any more questions?
We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you on our website via this link.
Or please feel free to contact the NORMA service desk.