Submitting your claim: refer to the question marks & FAQ

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You’re looking to submit a claim, but where to get started? Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section first, as you’ll likely find the right answer to your question there.

When submitting a claim for the first time, you may wish to learn more about the process. To provide a helping hand, we’ve embedded two useful functions into the MyNORMA environment.

1. Question marks
Upon browsing the portal and submitting your claim, you’ll find most entry fields come with question mark buttons. Don’t know what to fill out? Press the question mark and the answer may guide you in the right direction.

2. FAQ
In case the questions marks don’t provide you with the answer you’re looking for, proceed to scroll through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You’ll find many questions and answers listed, divided into clear categories, so a quick glance should tell you whether the answer you’re looking for is there. Examples of these questions are: ‘What productions may I submit a claim for?’, ‘How to determine the weight of my role?’, ‘How to submit a claim for TV series?’.

If your question (or answer) is not listed in either, please notify our service desk.