EU Copyright reform should include a guarantee for fair remuneration for creators and performers

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“EU Copyright reform should include a guarantee for fair remuneration for creators and performers”, stated MEP Mary Honeyball.

The European Commission’s upcoming proposal on EU Copyright reform should include a guarantee for a fair remuneration for creators and performers, stated Mary Honeyball MEP (Socialist/United-Kingdom) during today’s breakfast briefing she co-organised with the FAIR INTERNET coalition.

The briefing focused on EU Copyright reform and the state of online remuneration for performers. The briefing was hosted by Socialist MEP Mary Honeyball, and attended by MEPs from several political groups in the European Parliament. These MEPs, who are members of various parliamentary committees such the JURI, CULT and IMCO, will soon be working on the upcoming proposal for the reform of EU Copyright legislation.

During the briefing, the FAIR INTERNET coalition reiterated its call to the European Commission and MEPs to address the unfair treatment of performers in the digital environment as a matter of priority in this reform process. The coalition stressed the need for the European institutions to create a sustainable cultural and creative sector where performers get a fair share of online revenues, through an unwaivable remuneration right for digital uses of their work, collected from the users who make the performances available on demand and subject to mandatory collective management.

“Performers support the distribution of their works online, but they need to get paid. They hope that the upcoming Commission proposal will be the starting point”, Eanna Casey, from the Recorded Artists Actors Performers (RAAP) Ireland said.

“This Fair Internet campaign is about fairness in the industry”, Dominique Luquer, from the International Federation of Actors (FIA) stated. “Creators requests for a better remuneration system for online usage of their works is not about greed. It is about fairness and creative sustainability”.

“Fair remuneration cannot be organised by contract between performers and producers. We therefore urgently need legislation introducing a guarantee for a fair remuneration collected from the users” said Xavier Blanc, General Secretary of the Association of European Performers’ Organisations (AEPO-ARTIS).